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  1. Pentagon must overhaul its MIA effort, GAO report says
  2. UN nominee Power sidesteps Rubio question on US 'crimes'
  3. Bipartisan Senate nomination pact averts meltdown -- for now
  4. Government collecting millions of records on American drivers, study says
  5. Boehner rejects Olympic boycott over Snowden
  6. Feds suspend review of $5.5B loan for Vegas-to-California train
  7. GOP Turns Consumer Advocate on Obamacare
  8. Kerry briefs Arab leaders on bid to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Egypt, S
  9. Kennedys' sea turtle rescue violated federal law, officials say
  10. NRA blasts Holder for attacking 'stand-your-ground' laws after Zimmerman verdict
  11. Japanese jets intercept Russian bombers, on heels of suspected practice runs against
  12. Utah legislator calls for end to compulsory education
  13. US, Israel comments could haunt UN nominee Samantha Power at hearing
  14. House to vote Wednesday on delaying key parts of ObamaCare
  15. Iowa governor expresses concern over proposed EPA rules
  16. Putin: Snowden case must not damage US-Russia relations
  17. 12 states sue EPA over agency's alleged 'sue and settle' tactics
  18. Rhode Island governor vetoes 'Choose Life' license plates
  19. Holder wades deeper into Zimmerman battle, calls for review of ‘stand-your-ground’
  20. Sen. Lindsey Graham: US should consider boycotting Russian Olympic Games
  21. First family returns to Martha's Vineyard for summer vacation, while furloughs kick i
  22. Florida boycott over Zimmerman verdict not on congresswoman's agenda, despite apparen
  23. Germany a 'prolific partner' in NSA spy program, magazine reports
  24. Detroit emergency manager defends bankruptcy, says city 'dug this hole'
  25. House GOP on health care: For repeal, not replace
  26. State Department agency deemed 'critical' to information security is a mess, report s
  27. 6.9 magnitude earthquake shakes New Zealand
  28. Sheriff's department sets up hotline for women to report Filner harassment claims
  29. Wives of Spitzer, Weiner scrutinized in NYC races
  30. McAuliffe, Cuccinelli tangle in first Virginia gubernatorial debate
  31. Obama taps top fundraisers, bundlers for ambassadorships
  32. How did Detroit fall into the abyss?
  33. Pioneering journalist Helen Thomas dies at 92
  34. Pioneering journalist Helen Thomas dies at 92
  35. George P. Bush starts small amid high expectations
  36. Chicago whistle-blower implicates top state Democrat
  37. Secret court OKs continued US phone surveillance program for another three months
  38. Zimmerman Defense comments on President Obama's remarks
  39. Judge grants exemption for Hobby Lobby in ObamaCare challenge
  40. High-profile Dems reluctant to weigh in on San Diego mayor groping claims
  41. Republican report concludes Holder misled Congress on reporter targeting
  42. NSA program reportedly allows analysts to track emails, chats, web searches
  43. Liz Cheney late paying tax on new home
  44. Arkansas Republican Rep. Cotton to run for Senate seat
  45. Senate vote over controversial Obama ATF nominee drags on
  46. Hagel: Budget cuts could force Navy to sideline 3 aircraft carriers
  47. McConnell battles Tea Party challenge, in measure of party rift
  48. Hawaii lawmakers want to buy homeless one-way tickets off island
  49. Senate roundly rejects proposal to halt Egypt aid
  50. Obama reassures Democrats on health care, immigration
  51. Florida Gov. Scott asks Jesse Jackson to apologize for 'divisive, reckless' remarks
  52. Newly declassified documents show range of potential access to NSA phone records
  53. Obama Tries to Rally Dems to Bold Inaction
  54. San Francisco City Hall rewards officials, pols with Justin and Jay-Z tickets, report
  55. US not into electric cars, but feds gave company $100M for charging stations, watchdo
  56. Senate panel moves to gut Pentagon $$ for contract with Russian firm supplying Assad
  57. US economy grows at 1.7 percent pace in 2nd quarter
  58. White House calls Benghazi 'phony' scandal, as lawmakers seek answers on probe
  59. Senate set for showdown on Obama ATF nominee
  60. Weiner aide apologizes for comments about former campaign intern
  61. Snowden's father obtains visa to visit son in Russia, plans to discuss charges
  62. McCain suggests political bond with Obama ends in Middle East, particularly Syria
  63. Congressman Peter King 'serious' about 2016 GOP presidential bid
  64. Filner leaves therapy earlier than announced amid growing calls to resign
  65. Cruz hits ObamaCare at Iowa event
  66. Obamas arrive for summer vacation on Martha's Vineyard
  67. Santorum says Republican Party must appeal to working class
  68. Libertarian trying to shake up Va. governor's race gets tough on top candidates
  69. Critics question IRS initiative targeting small businesses
  70. Feds upset over release of Mexican drug lord who ordered DEA agent's killing
  71. Obama warns disabled veterans prolonged sequester could put their benefits in jeopard
  72. Obama's pledge to boost oversight of NSA surveillance draws scrutiny
  73. IRS official who oversaw Cincinnati exempt operations office during scandal gets prom
  74. Feds deny Arizona's request for disaster relief funds to help wildfire victims
  75. Embattled San Diego mayor to end therapy amid calls to quit
  76. Egyptians turn fury on diplomat rumored to be next U.S. ambassador
  77. US to re-open 18 of 19 closed embassies this weekend
  78. Obama defends health care legislation, announces plans to overhaul surveillance progr
  79. Top al Qaeda terrorist in Yemen connected to embassy threats left jihad blueprint
  80. Bill to allow transgender students to choose bathrooms moves to California governor's
  81. Capitol Hill Republicans disagree on future of NSA spying, King attacks Paul
  82. Feds: More Americans selling their food stamps for cash
  83. Republicans welcome a Christie-Paul debate, but internal GOP rumblings continue
  84. Washington split on Egypt aid, raising more questions on who the US backs
  85. Petition drive begins to recall San Diego Mayor Filner
  86. Family ties a factor in key Senate races
  87. Uncle Sam's Yard Sale: Gov't looks to unload Afghanistan war hardware
  88. Obama wraps up vacation by golfing with Larry David
  89. Feds lose another case against employers using credit, criminal reports to screen app
  90. Inhofe wants to investigate NSA, following new report about surveillance
  91. 5 decades later, some JFK probe files still sealed
  92. Feds announces release of $67 million to help Americans go 'shopping for' ObamaCare
  93. Unions, federal labor board winners in court ruling on 'micro' bargaining units
  94. Attorney: Virginia Gov. McDonnell's wife bought Star Scientific stock without him kno
  95. Colorado recall vote on gun control without mail ballots changes dynamic
  96. New Jersey Gov. Christie vetoes .50-caliber rifle ban
  97. NYC Mayor Bloomberg takes heat for public housing fingerprinting proposal
  98. Obama forges ahead with green energy agenda despite congressional opposition
  99. Critics slam Homeland Security over housing costs for border agents
  100. California lawmaker pulls son from class over transgender law
  101. Vice president's son undergoing medical evaluation at Houston hospital
  102. Administration missing dozens of ObamaCare deadlines
  103. Tennessee state legislator to challenge Sen. Alexander
  104. Anti-'gay conversion' bill marks Christie's latest move to center
  105. Since When Did Free Stuff Need ‘Buzz’?
  106. Kerry clears State officials faulted in Benghazi report, allows them back on job
  107. Diplomats punished for Benghazi back on job
  108. Do debates lure fringe candidates?
  109. Perry blasts ObamaCare as Sebelius visits Texas to promote the law
  110. Former Senator Scott Brown travels to Iowa, mulls Presidential run
  111. Vote set for proposed new state in northern Colorado
  112. Cruz says he will renounce any Canadian citizenship after releasing birth certificate
  113. Guardian chief says UK destroyed hard drives to stop Snowden secrets
  114. Embattled San Diego mayor in settlement talks with accuser
  115. RNC slams CNN for hiring 'Inconvenient Truth' vet as director of film division
  116. Vice president's son undergoing medical evaluation after experiencing disorientation
  117. Steve Hayes: It's 'disingenuous' of Obama to blame GOP for Obamacare opposition
  118. Obama family adopts female puppy named Sunny
  119. Air Force colonel charged with assault
  120. Delta warns ObamaCare will drive $100 million spike in health care costs
  121. Russians inspect missile defense base in California
  122. Team involved in tracking Benghazi suspects pulling out, sources say
  123. Virginia AG Cuccinelli's ad distances guv campaign from embattled McDonnell
  124. 80 House members: Shutdown better than ObamaCare
  125. How to get a free subscription to fox news first
  126. Obama calls alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack 'a big event'
  127. Cruz Control: The making of a media star
  128. FBI director says Al Qaeda may have postponed plans to attack US sites overseas
  129. Arkansas gun rights group plans 'open carry' march to highlight new law
  130. FBI director does not deny al-Awlaki may have been government asset
  131. Could Colorado county become part of Wyoming?
  132. US Forest Service taking back federal funds from states over budget cuts
  133. GOP worried Planned Parenthood grants could go to abortions
  134. Obama phones Ga. woman credited with preventing school shooting
  135. 'All Star Panel' wants to know where Samantha Power is
  136. Cell phone data latest threat to privacy
  137. Biden's son returns home to Delaware after undergoing procedure at Texas cancer cente
  138. Mayor Bloomberg: New NYPD oversight jeopardizes city safety
  139. New Illinois gun law requires owners to report missing firearms
  140. Justice Department tries to block Louisiana's school voucher program
  141. German magazine: NSA spied on United Nations*
  142. Administration: 'Very little doubt' Assad used chemical weapons; UN to visit site
  143. Push to defund ObamaCare big test for DeMint at Heritage and rest of Republicans
  144. GOP lawmakers fight to save cross at California war memorial
  145. NSA analysts knowingly broke surveillance rules
  146. Bolton on Syria: President has ‘amazing confusion,’ red line was ‘mistake’
  147. Thousands attend 50th anniversary of King's speech in Washington
  148. American Legion suspects it was targeted by IRS
  149. Conservatives accuse Obama of packing key court to 'rubber stamp' agenda
  150. Report: NSA pays tech companies for data
  151. NSA officers sometimes spy on love interests
  152. Poll: Only 45 percent want Hickenlooper re-elected
  153. DHS employee behind website promoting race war on paid leave
  154. Krauthammer: Obama won't get involved in Syria
  155. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner agrees to resign
  156. Former EPA official charged with stealing nearly $900K
  157. Could Samantha Power have caught a flight to UN meeting?
  158. Missouri poised to enact measure nullifying federal gun laws
  159. NYC Mayor Bloomberg donates $350G to fight Colorado recalls
  160. Obama advocates 'shot across the bow' for Syria, as concerns grow in Congress
  161. Jonah Goldberg: Obama 'clearly does not want' to get involved in Syrian war
  162. US prepares to bypass UN on Syria response
  163. Israeli intelligence first confirmed Assad regime behind alleged chemical attack
  164. ObamaCare faces another delay, lawmaker calls implementation ‘train wreck’
  165. Covert U.S. operation sends manned aircraft to help Mexican police
  166. Transcript of Obama's remarks at 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I have
  167. Millennials from both sides of the aisle agree US intervention in Syria is not a good
  168. Obama: ‘Keep on marching’ to fulfill King’s dream
  169. South Carolina city makes being homeless illegal
  170. Report: Anthony Weiner paid for phony supporters at campaign events
  171. Missouri school official cleared of wrongdoing in Obama rodeo act
  172. As all signs point to Syria strike, some question US endgame
  173. California pols could target tax status of Boy Scouts, youth groups over 'discriminat
  174. White House enlists Bill Clinton on health care
  175. US laying groundwork for military strike on Syria
  176. Intercepted call reportedly clinched US claim on Syria chemical weapons strike
  177. Miami police union to applicants: You don’t want to work here
  178. The Chicago way? Illinois officials under fire for ObamaCare contracts
  179. Maine man resigns from town posts after Obama threat on Facebook
  180. Do minimum wage hikes help low-income workers? Not always
  181. Solo stand on Syria
  182. Once staunch opponent of Bush Iraq policy, Obama faces similar path on Syria
  183. Media strafe Obama from both sides as he grapples with Syria decision
  184. Obama faces prospect of solo action on Syria after British lawmakers reject military
  185. AFL-CIO president says ObamaCare needs changes
  186. VA can't deny health benefits to lesbian Army vet, judge rules
  187. Mississippi high court upholds state's open-carry gun law
  188. Krauthammer on Obama’s diplomatic efforts: ‘A complete humiliation’
  189. Satellites over Pakistan guided bin Laden raid, leaked NSA documents say
  190. IRS extends tax benefits to married gay couples
  191. Feds won't sue to stop marijuana use in Colorado, Washington state
  192. Inmate one step closer to getting Virginia to shell out $20k for her sex-change opera
  193. Taxpayers foot half the cost of Nebraska outlet mall
  194. US releases 2 Algerians from Guantanamo Bay
  195. Unequal unemployment? Program helps certain laid-off workers
  196. Any US strike on Syria likely to extend beyond Damascus, sources say
  197. Lawmakers renew push to label Fort Hood terror, give victims benefits after Hasan sen
  198. Why the press is fixated on Anthony Weiner, mayoral loser
  199. Obama, his team sharpen Syria pitch as Congress prepares to vote
  200. Congress returns to Washington with full agenda, Syria topping list
  201. Report claims NSA spied on Brazil's state-run oil company
  202. Ohio town readies for battle over weapons in parks law
  203. Time Warner joins IBM in moving retirees off health plan due to rising costs
  204. Bloomberg: Top Democratic candidate for NYC mayor running 'racist' campaign
  205. NAACP President Ben Jealous to step down at end of year
  206. Picture this: Time for officials to pay for their own portraits, lawmaker says
  207. Benghazi anniversary hurts White House push to win Syria support
  208. Petraeus backs Obama in push for strike on Syria
  209. Early turnout strong in Colorado recall effort on gun-control legislation
  210. NSA can access most smartphone data, report says
  211. Pennsylvania man pays school property tax — all $7,143 of it — in $1 bills
  212. US-Mexico border groups want efficient crossings
  213. WH goes all-out to win Syria strike support ahead of Tuesday speech
  214. CIA authenticates 13 videos showing Syrian gas attack aftermath, official says
  215. California raisin grower battles federal order taking almost half his crop
  216. Canadian PM offers Obama possible climate action to secure Keystone deal
  217. Feds say sequester won't impact effort to control Calif. wildfire
  218. Texas’ Davis calls for more spending, ahead of expected gubernatorial run
  219. Conservatives join push to roll back mandatory prison sentences
  220. Iran open to talks with US on nuclear program, foreign minister says
  221. House leadership says it still has options to avoid government shutdown
  222. House votes to keep government open, delay ObamaCare by 1 year
  223. NSA leak journalist Greenwald, colleague say new revelations coming
  224. NSA uses data to map Americans' social connections, report says
  225. Oklahoma senator calls out Congress for blowing money on 'fruity' grants
  226. Southern states are moving to tighten voting rules
  227. Chill sets in at Alaska-based federal agency after one boss asks DC to shut it down
  228. What Now? Budget bill heads to House after Senate restores ObamaCare $$
  229. Maryland gun-control law sparks record gun sales
  230. No. 2 US nuke commander suspended amid probe
  231. ObamaCare's scope, rocky intro signals problems for Tuesday's start
  232. McCain hires controversial Syria analyst who inflated credentials
  233. Obama administration to allocate $45M for cops in schools
  234. Colorado counties vie to become federal drone zones
  235. Obama speaks with Iranian president, says nuclear deal possible
  236. Powers: If House defunds ObamaCare, 'we're headed for a shutdown'
  237. Al Qaeda opens first official Twitter account
  238. Widespread fraud reported in Social Security Administration's Disability Program
  239. ATF tries to block Fast and Furious whistle-blower from publishing book
  240. Colorado gun-rights advocates plan another recall effort
  241. Calif. Gov. vetoes bill allowing non-citizens to serve on juries
  242. Krauthammer: Administration 'very lacking in information' on terror intelligence
  243. U.S. SEALs ended Somalia raid when they saw children, realized couldn't capture targe
  244. Reid, Boehner escalate feud as Senate Dems quietly craft proposal to raise debt limit
  245. US interrogators sent to question al Qaeda suspect
  246. Amber Alert website brought back online after outcry
  247. Virginia creates resident database from DMV records
  248. You know that one guy who successfully signed up for ObamaCare? He didn’t
  249. Obama climate adviser stepping down
  250. Dem rep tries to block oil and gas exploration during partial shutdown